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Two Eggs, Water & Lemon Juice

Last week PA was in the kitchen and found a brownie mix & decided she needed to make it. At this point, I did not know what she was doing. She kept repeatedly saying “I need two eggs, water & lemon juice.” She was doing well with the echoing. I tried for half an hour trying to figure out why she was telling me this. After just asking her what she was doing did not work, I asked to show me what she wanted.

She brought me the brownie mix box her dad & sister bought a few days prior. I was curious as to how she knew what she needed to make them. I told her to point to the part on the box where it told her how to make them

She pointed to the pictures & said, “See mama two eggs, water & lemon juice”. First thought was WOW she is good! I thought it was funny that she thought the oil was lemon juice, but she read the pictures. To me this was huge. She has never done anything like that. Look at something & figure out where or what are the instructions without ever being shown.

Then again, this same kid can reprogram my cell phone & bypass the security settings on her dad’s iPad. She is a smart kid. She just cannot articulate herself to make us understand what she wants or how she is feeling. As frustrating as it is for us in understanding her, I have to remember how it must be for her trying to communicate with us.


Trip to Ikea & New Furniture



A trip to Ikea is always fun especially when there is furniture that needs to be put together. PA is very aware when there is something new in her world. Any kind of box she thinks is hers to do whatever she pleases. In addition, every piece of new furniture she needs to explore and she has to try to climb inside. This trip we brought home new inexpensive nightstands & hanging lamps for hubby & my bedroom. I was very excited about this because we have been making due with makeshift furniture (and I use that term loosely) for most of our married life.  Any new or used furniture is very exciting for me. Usually means we get to discard or donate a piece of make shift furniture.

Hubby went straight to work putting them together knowing PA would be all over it. He did a great job at letting her help put them together. He would hand her pieces to give back to him. Of course, it took him twice as long this way, but he was having a good time letting her “help”.  After he got them together, I told him we needed to put them in the bedroom right away or she would try to climb in them. I got mine on my side of the bed and realized hubby got side tracked. Figured PA was not messing with the nightstand so I just let it sit.


A couple hours later, I came back into the room to hear a crack. The first thing that came to mind of course was that she had broken the nightstand trying to get into it. Well lucky thing she did not break it but she did pop the shelf out. At that point, I told my hubby he needed to get it into the bedroom before she really broke it.  Poor kid just can not help herself. He then went to work getting his into the bedroom. The next day he hung the lamps. I have to say it looks nice. I would post a picture but I want to wait until he finishes the painting our room. Right now, we have all but one wall painted. It would not look so bad if it was just brown, but with the white paint splotches. It just dosn’t look right.. So I took pictures of her helping instead.

Playing in the Garden Last Summer

I was going to post some other pictures, but came apon these and they brought a smile to my face. They are a year old, but still CUTE!! Yes she was eating dirt..

Apple Jacks Cake

Now before you go YUCK… There is a good story **laughing** really there is 🙂

It all started this morning when I was trying to get PA to eat something before the school bus came.  I went through the normal things cereal, white cheese rollup and mashed potatoes (because of the SPD, she will not eat normal breakfast food). I ended up just giving her a Pedia Sure drink because she was not cooperating.  When I went to give the drink to her, she told me she wanted to make an Apple Jacks cake. We did not have time right then and I had no idea how we would do it, being she wanted to use the cereal to do it. I told her maybe after school.  I thought she would forget, but I should know my daughter better than that.

She came home, I was in the kitchen making dinner & the first thing out of her mouth was “We make Apple Jack cake now?”  She did not say Hi mom… She wanted to know if we could make the cake right then.  After I finished making dinner & she had her bath we made her cake.

This was an experiment because I could not find a recipe using Apple Jacks (the breakfast cereal), but after tasting them, they were good and PA is happy so it does not matter. Now she wants to take them to school to share with her friends.

Here are the pictures: This one before they went into the oven. No I did not let her put them in..

What they looked like after they came out…

I could not believe it she ate them! She usually will only lick iceing off & put the soggy cupcake in my hand to get rid of for her.