Pictures by PA

All the pictures posted here are ones my PA took. None of them are edited.

PA took this of a neighbor kid. I think she has a good eye..


She took this one sitting in her laundry basket..

PA moves so fast it’s funny what she captures in her pictures. I have a bunch of them I will post more later.

PA’s perspective of her room.


Her self portrait. I think she is a beautiful soul….




4/20/2011 The next few pictures PA took out the window of our van. I thought they were really cool.

PA loves to take pictures of her feet. I don’t quite know why. I am sure she will tell me some day.

Pictures Taken in the ER & Dr. Office

  When we are are places i will give my phone to PA to let her take pictures. I think it helps her process her suroundings. I have found Dr. office & ER visits go much smoother if she is allowed to take pictures.


4 responses to “Pictures by PA

  1. My daughter takes photos too. I have yet to get hers up anywhere. Love the feet photos!

  2. I love all of these pictures! She does have an eye for photos. And I agree with you, she is a very beautiful soul.

  3. Those are great! We have an up and coming photographer on our hands!

  4. What brand camera is she using? I agree she has an eye for it.

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