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No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. Yes so much has happened.

I have not posted in a very long time. After losing a very good friend because of a mixup left me very distraught. At the time I had been through two major surgeries and made the mistake of going on line and opening my big mouth and saying some hurtful things I never thought would ever come out of my mouth. See I am not that kind of person. I always try to keep everything positive and this was anything but positive. I think I was just as hurt by the out come by the situation than the person that I said the horrible things too. I just wish I could have made good with this friend and gotten that friendship back. I still grieve for the loss.

This will be a long catchup. After my two surgeries in November I had lost so much weight that my Dr. finally put me on TPN (Total parenteral nutrition) via IV. I have been on it now almost 10 months. Last time was only 8 months. Right now they are talking permanent.

My husband had not one but two back surgeries at the beginning of this year. The first one they used stitches to close him up. Then he was having an awful reaction to something. They went in to take a look and realized he was allergic to the liquid the stitches were kept in so they had kept them in. They had to go back in and wash it all out and cut out the skin and such that was damaged then sewed him back up.IMG_20160212_142456

After a month he started to notice his jaw was swelling and painful. Turned out they nicked a gland and he developed an abscess. They had to surgically go in and remove it. So he had a really tough several months. It did make it easier that his folks stayed with up for a little over a month. They did everything for us. Was so nice that they took over care of out daughter and kept the house clean and we were able to take care of our selves.

Now that was not the end for me. I had been in and out of the hospital from May to end of Aug. At that time they replaced my P.I.C.C. line and somehow a really bad bacterial worked its way into my body. I was in and out of hospital for 3 months. A couple weeks  ago I went in and was really sick. So sick I had early organ failure. I was in the hospital for almost two weeks on heavy anti-biotics. When I went home I was on IV anti-antibiotics for an additional 2 weeks. That was a serious infection.IMG_20150316_162154

While I was in hospital I add a CT and they found several what looked like aggressive tumors in my upper right lung and admin. I had a P.E.T. scan this week and it was confirmed I had several tumors.

At this point I am unsure of what they are going to do. All I know is I am going to be getting second and third opinions.

There is so much up in the air right now. I am just getting information then when I have the reasonable amount of information I will make the right choices.

I think, that’s all for now. I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open. So look for an update. Later.

Thanks for staying with me