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CRAZY SUMMER: unplanned surgery and a wedding (UPDATED)

This will be a very short update as things are very hectic right now. Summer is going very fast and Patty cakes has been going bonkers. I have tried to keep school stuff going, but with wedding planning my normal cancer stuff (pain and being sick most of the time) and trying to keep the apartment from becoming a disaster zone. Things are a bit crazy.

OH YA!!! My Shannon is getting married in November. I forgot to mention that LOL… To a very nice young man named David. We have not met him yet as she met him up at BYU Idaho. They will be here end of July just in time for Patty-cakes birthday.

Anyway, besides having to throw a wedding with almost no money, I found out this week my poor husband needs another major back surgery. We are not sure as of yet what all this is going to entail. We go see the surgeon next week. I think my husband is trying to move the appointment back a week so we can get a sitter. I do know this. It will be his third back surgery. His lower back is fused at L5 S1&S2.

**UPDATE 8/21/15**   My husband did see the surgeon and he will be having hardware put in at the place where his back was fused the first time 15 or so years ago. As it turns out the fusion never took. They have to go back in and redo it. This will be 14-16 weeks recovery with 5 days in the hospital. This is going to require a bit of planning being I am on a feeding tube and my older daughter will be married and back up at school by then.

I still want to try to get our little blue car sold and to be able to buy a newer car that was higher up off the ground. We can’t afford to do it. The reason we need a different car is he has trouble getting in and out of our little blue 2000 Toyota Corolla. It is so close to the ground he won’t be able to drive it after the surgery. I am no longer able to drive at all so it’s not like I can drive us around. We are  going to need a lot of help.

Right now I am putting this up on my blog for now. If you want to help you can donate to my PayPal account by using the donate button on the right hand side. I may later on do a go fund me or something like that. I am still not sure how all this is going to happen yet. His surgery is going to be in January sometime, we just have not set a date yet. We are waiting until after the wedding for now.

Please share this. I don’t like having to do this, but sometimes you have to swallow your pride and just ask.