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A New Adventure to Help With Expenses

About 3 years ago I started to accumulate a bunch of vintage costume jewelry, charms and stuff to make various types of jewelry. My intentions back when I started collecting all this were a bit different. I ended up storing it all away after my cancer advanced and I got really sick again.

My oldest daughter was cruising Pinterest one day and came across a picture of a brooch that looked just like one I had gotten for 5 dollars, when I was 14 at a craft fair. It was selling for a lot more than that on Esty and I was really surprised. I was very cheaply made and did not look that good either. That got me thinking that I could do much better and could use the money to help with medical expenses.

I puled out what I had stored away, then invested in some old pocket watches and watch movements that no longer worked. I started to put together some unique brooches. The first 3 or so I took pictures then just went around showing people to see what people thought. I wanted to get an idea of people reactions. Mainly to see if people would even want to buy them, and I got some great reactions.

I am hoping this will help me take care of medical expenses. I am having to spend more time in the hospital and my therapies and medications are so pricey. I can no longer work a traditional job, but this is something I can do with no overhead. Besides I love to do it and I can even do it when I am sick. With the holidays coming up I think these would make great gifts.  No piece is the same and I do custom and also can design for men or women.  Just ask. I would love your business. I do take Paypal..IMG_20141006_212152

UPDATE: I have a Etsy store set up now. Here is the link

Please check it out and help me pay off my medical bills and be able to help with expenses.

Thank you…