Monthly Archives: July 2013

We finally landed……

Much has happened since I blogged last. We did finally land and got moved into a new apartment. Of course we had to spend 3 weeks down in southern CA waiting for the apartment to be ready.


We were able to make a trip to Disneyland (a very generous graduation gift to my older daughter, from a very dear friend). Was an awesome trip. PA was in heaven and LOVED all the rides. Her favorite was Star Tours & Space Mountain surprisingly enough. We were able to spend some much-needed family time together. My husband did make me sit in a wheel chair to get around though. I was not feeling well.


Turned out a few days after that I went back into the hospital. I could not eat and was in horrible pain. I ended up having a tumor taken out of my bile duct & had several stints put in. Apparently my bile duct was completely blocked with scar tissue and the tumor. Then the next week I recovered before we finally were supposes to come home.


The morning we were supposed to leave my husband went down the stairs (was 2am and dark) and slipped down the bottom 3 or 4 steps. Instead of leaving we got to take another trip to the ER. Only this time was to see if he broke his elbow. Turned out was not broken but badly sprained. He also hurt his back again and is going in this next week for an MRI to see what damage he might have done to his back. He had 2 back surgeries a little over 10 years ago.


We were able to make the trip back the next day. Of course it was raining, but with the help of my in laws and my older daughters boyfriend & his brother we were able to get it done.


It has been a rough month. All of us have had to make adjustments living in a smaller place. Poor PA has had it the worst. She is still not sleeping and is really making life hard some days for me. I am hopeful she will settle down soon.


Now a month later, we are a little more settled. This next week I will get PA registered at her new school. I also have more testing in nuclear medicine coming up (an octriotide scan). Then I also have appointments with specialists. I also have another surgery the last week of Aug. It will be a busy month. I hope to update a little bit more often.