Monthly Archives: May 2013

Uncertainty of Moving

Feel like we have been in a state of disarray for months. We have been organizing, getting rid of stuff and packing for what seems like forever. Here it is May we are still in a house we cannot afford & we still do not have a new place lined up. Honestly I am not sure if we can pull this off, but I am hoping we have enough tucked away. Was hoping to have a bit more saved up, but with having to spend more time in this house it took some of our moving money just to stay afloat. Now that our plans have changed and we are making a bigger move than we had originally thought our needs have also changed. I am not sure if we have enough money to make this work.

We are now focused on Southern CA, as we feel this is the best choice for our family. I know my medical care will be better down there and my chances at seeing a specialist is a lot higher than it is in Northern CA. Patty will have a chance at better education programs and medical care as well. This is going to be a huge undertaking not only physically but financially as well.

This next week Mark will be headed down to Southern CA to try and find us a new place to live. In just about three weeks we will finish putting everything into a storage locker, we will pack up the van & head down there. Of course before we go there will be a graduation & both girls will finish school for the year.