I’m bored & was accused of hovering

I’m bored & my husband has accused me of hovering. I asked him what I should do and he told me to write a blog post about being bored. So here goes and for the record he cannot come back and say anything because he told me to do this.

I’ll admit it I don’t entertain myself well & after I have been sick for a few days I need to get out to do something. I already picked up the living room & have dinner in the oven and to set the record straight I did try to entertain myself. I went on to Facebook no one really was on line so I could not chat with anyone. Unless you play games (which I do not) then Facebook becomes boring after about 5 minutes. I went onto Pinterest too & well nothing was peaking my interest there either. I trolled Twitter for a bit & you guessed it. It did not really pull me in either. I also thought about some of the unfinished projects I have, but soon realized I needed something for just about everything so I was back to not being able to go anywhere. Besides sometimes I just want to be entertained. Is that so bad?

See everyone in my household all have something they go & do during the day. My husband has school so he gets out most days to study at our local Starbucks and has school every Wednesday night. My 17 year old has High school and also has church activities every Tuesday night. Even my 4 year old has school most days. Even if it is just 4 hours a day even she gets out of the house.

The only time I get to get out is when I can con someone to take me.

Unfortunately I cannot just get out of the house on my own. See I am not able to drive any longer because of health and vision problems.  I have to depend on others for rides. Usually when I am bored & want to get out to do something, I just hover around my husband & he usually gives in. Right now I can’t think of anything to do that doesn’t cost money & somewhere I don’t have to walk too much. Being it is getting ready to storm outside he doesn’t want me out in it. I feel like a little kid stuck indoors watching the world go by.

Of course there is always housework **sigh**


2 responses to “I’m bored & was accused of hovering

  1. When I’m bored (which I don’t get a chance to do because the boy keeps me ‘occupied’) I like a good book, but yeah, even that can get boring. Recipes can be fun and you are a good cook from what I can see but yeah, when things get old, I guess we just have to look around for something that will eventually capture our interest again. . . I know that feeling about housework though… It’s just – always there, keeping us company!

  2. Books, or audio books (library-so that involves yr husband 🙂 But if you really want to waste time and have hours disappear-find one of your friends who posts good links to youtube. Of course, there’s always tv, and hulu.
    But-maybe you’re looking for light and air. Any way to stick a few seeds in an egg carton? The storm will pass (has passed?). Hoping for good for you.