Zebra hats for the holidays…You know you want one :o)

I have blogged about having NETs/Carcinoid cancer. It is a rare disease & under diagnosed greatly. Like every other cancer & illness these days they have a ribbon, but we also have a mascot. The zebra is the mascot for NETs/Carcinoid Cancer.

The Web MD definition of Zebra:
The term “zebra” in medicine does not refer to the striped African animal but to an unlikely diagnostic possibility. It comes from an old saying in teaching medical students about how to think logically in regard to the differential diagnosis: “When you hear hoof beats, think of horses, not zebras.”

Dr. Eugene Woltering of New Orleans part of “The Dream Team” for carcinoid patients is credited with the idea that Carcinoid patients embrace the zebra in order to promote awareness.

I am always looking for things I can get, cause lets face it zebra prints are fun.. So my husband was out & found some great winter hats with a zebra stripe. We were able to get them at an awesome price so I decided to get a bunch & sell them for the holidays. Everyone loves a cute winter hat.

Right now I have 10 hats, but if there is a demand I can try to get more over the weekend. I am offering them for 10 dollars, plus 3 dollars shipping to the US. International orders welcome, but as always, shipping will be more & will take longer.  If you are interested email me at dcorey33@yahoo.com Right now I just have 10 of them right now & I will update when I am able to pick up more. I wanted to make sure there is a want before I go pick up to many.

Thank you for supporting me & I hope you all love the idea of the hats.


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