Our late & simple Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving this year was very different from years past. We had planned to do our own Thanksgiving again by our selves. We had wanted to try to make it to Marks families house, but we did not think I would be able to do the trip.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving I was admitted into the hospital again. Second time in two months a combination of a Carcinoid flare-up & what they call paralytic ileus (temporary paralysis of the small intestine) & low potassium levels. Four days in the hospital with an NG tube down my nose, countless bags of potassium in my IV & more pain killers than I care to admit.

I was discharged on Tuesday, but was on a liquid diet for 24 hours then soft foods for a few days. So I was not going to be able to eat dinner on Thanksgiving. My husband decided we would wait a couple days to have our dinner. We didn’t have any family in town & no one was going to be coming over so it didn’t matter really when we had our dinner. After all I was home now & we are able to spend the weekend together. My 16 year old was a little put out at first that we had to wait, but she understood. PA had no idea & really didn’t care anyway. Mark was just happy I was home. So Thanksgiving came & went. We hung out at home & watched Christmas shows & just celebrated being together.

On Sat. we had one more problem to contend with. While I was in the hospital & all of us were preoccupied some rats had had their way with our food storage. They got into a bunch of food & we had to throw out a bunch of stuff. So while the turkey was cooking Mark was out in the garage with two friends taking care of the problem. They had to tear the whole garage apart to find where they were nesting, clean it up & seal up where they were coming in. They succeeded & had it all cleaned up & put back together again by late afternoon.

During all of this I was in the house with PA because Mark did not want me out there. I cleaned a bit but mostly kept PA occupied. I wasn’t really supposed to be doing much anyway.

Dinner was very simple turkey; instant potatoes (because ours were eaten by the rats) boxed stuffing, gravy & cranberry sauce. Shann made some candied yams or actually mashed because I over cooked them LOL.. PA was too funny she didn’t want anything but decided to try the yams. She liked them & would only eat them out of the big bowl, so I let her.
We did not have the fancy table with decorations, lots of family or all the extras, but it was one of the best Thanksgivings we have had in a long time. We ate in the living room in front of the TV. We laughed & had a good time. It didn’t even matter that it was a couple days late ☺

I think we do simple well…


7 responses to “Our late & simple Thanksgiving

  1. I’m sorry to hear you were in the hospital again. But it sounds like you all made the best of the situation and celebrated in your own way on your own terms.

    But rats??? Shivers! I hate rats.

  2. I HATE RATS!!!! Oh they freak me out…Anyways…Why did me your twitter twin not know you were in the hospital again???? Ok ok I know I know…I spend enough time in that joint to know how it goes. 😉 Just giving you a bit of a hard time because that’s what “siblings” even though Twitter related do… 🙂 I’m glad that you were able to have the Thanksgiving on Saturday. Stupid rats though….Geesh…

  3. We have mice in our garage…they have gotten into my car at times. EEK! I am glad you got to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family. It sounds perfect. Way better than a big celebration anyway. You had everything you needed.

  4. The best part of Thanksgiving is having something to be thankful for – even after a tough year. You did great!! BTW, Danica, we had our family Thanksgiving on Saturday 🙂