Symbolism and the Praying Mantis

This morning I walked outside & saw a Praying Mantis one of these on one of my roses.

We have always seen lots of these around where we live & I have loved watching them. They are very purposeful and never make a move unless they are positive it will be successful. I also have worked in many exotic pet stores & took care of & sold them. However, I have never bothered to look up the symbolism. Until today.

According to WickiAnswers:
Praying Mantis Meanings in the Realms of Animal Symbolism
The mantis comes to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives. Usually the mantis makes an appearance when we’ve flooded our lives with so much business, activity, or chaos that we can no longer hear the still small voice within us because of the external din we’ve created.

After observing this creature for any length of time you can see why the symbolism of the praying mantis deals with stillness and patience. The mantis takes her time, and lives her life at her own silent pace.
Now my life like so many of our lives is full of chaos & we are so busy we neglect to slow down & think about things. Since I was diagnosed with a rare & incurable cancer, I have been searching for answers trying to simplify my life & find more peace, quiet & calm. Reading about the Praying Mantis I know I need to find these things. The trick is how to achieve this in our lives.

Having a special needs child and or serious illness our lives will never be as calm, peaceful or as quiet as we would like. I think the only times I can find these things is early in the morning when everyone is still asleep or late at night when the family is sleeping. My favorite time is in the middle of the night after I have given PA her drink and she is lying in my arms sleeping. She is so peaceful & sometimes sit there holding her for an hour or more.

Since having her I do not think I have had more than a few nights where I have gotten more than four hours of sleep at a time, on any one given night. Usually PA goes to bed at 8:30 then is up again at about 1:30, & again around 4:30. Now I know this is not conducive to me dealing with cancer & I know that I do not sleep as much as I need to. I know if I did, I would be able to function much better and possibly not be as sick all the time. In fact, my husband tells me all the time to slow down and ask for help.

However I do not know about any of you, but I am not good at asking for help. Before I can think of asking usually, it is easier just to do it and then be told, “You should have asked”. Well yes, I should have, but you could have asked before I actually got up after mentioning it needed to be done. My husband is actually good at asking but many times I have already gotten up and started to do the task & then I get upset when he asks me if I wanted him to do something. I know I need to work on this.

Therefore, my question is how you try to get more peace, quiet & calm into your lives. This is a real question, because I am struggling with this myself. Maybe after seeing some of your comments we can help each other.


5 responses to “Symbolism and the Praying Mantis

  1. So touched by this post–found you through a tweet of @KatrinaMoody Let me say that this struggle for peace must be universal because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t search for more! Right now I have 3 toddlers under 6 at home, a teen away at boarding school and 2 step-daughters in crisis about 1500 miles away to deal with and I struggle to find inner peace in the midst of all of this. The picture of the Praying Mantis touches me so deeply–living, surviving, moving so very dilberately…this is how I long to live! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. Ah… yes… Peace… I think there is something about mindfulness and being aware of the moment here. But your post is so beautiful… it brought tears to my eyes and I think you already have that part.
    I know that I stay up way too late a lot of the time – seeking time in my own head, but I am not also dealing with a child who gets up or with an illness of my own on top of it.
    I do have a son with autism and we have him doing his schooling through distance learning, at the same school where I am a special ed teacher. This has reduced the stress in our lives considerably… but it does bring with it other challenges of course. My husband is at home with him as his facilitator for his school work – and he is doing an amazing job. This shifting in our roles has made me much better at asking for help and accepting it, but I do understand what you mean about having a hard time in asking for help. I try to remind myself that my husband is not a mind reader and we are both becoming good at being very straight forward about what it is we want or need.

    Sometimes, too, I find peace by remembering to breathe… and I also have this amazing magnet on my fridge that seems to ground me… Here is what it says:
    “Peace… it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart… “(unknown)

  3. I know how simplistic what I’m about to say sounds, but it has worked wonders for me. My husband and I have only been married for ten months. I had 40+ years of abuse, neglect, and single parenting to unlearn if I was going to be successfully open to this wonderful person (it’s a work in progress). About a month after the boys and I moved in, I added to my daily checklist that at least twice a day I would start a conversation with “would you please…” Sometimes, I was so new to having support, I’d ask “would you please help me pick a chore you could take off my plate?” Point is, I had to consciously practice not only accepting, but actively seeking help.

  4. The sound of water in a fountain or flowing in a stream or river is an extremely soothing and peace- inducing sound for me. You do not even have to leave the computer – go here

    The sound of flowing water can bring peace. xoxo

    • My daughter (the 16 year old has that on her iPod touch at night). I can’t listen to water LOL I wouls spend all my time in the bathroom LOL… Awesome idea I know it works for lots of people. Maybe there is another nature sound I can do.