Some interesting things I learned about my daughter this weekend.

1. PA LOVES horses. Well PA loves all animals. This was her first experience with horses & I was sure that she would be intimidated with their size, but NO, she was good with the fact that she was the size of one of their legs. She had no fear.

2. I already knew she was terrified of flies. I was afraid of the reaction to the flies and was not disappointed. She was fine when she was around the horses she did not notice them, but just walking around the ranch well it was meltdown time. It was almost funny how she is fine with a huge animal like a horse, but little fly landing on her or ant crawling on her was too much.
3. PA becoming so relaxed on a horse took me by complete surprise. WOW, she got on the horse (bareback) and as soon as she was on the horse well her shoulders & whole body relaxed, she took a deep breath & looked like she would fall asleep right there on the horses back. She leaned over & hugged the horse. It surprised me because I have never seen her do that with anything. I have seen her relaxed but not like that. It was surreal and made me smile. She came alive on that horse.
4. Again (this is worth repeating), PA is terrified of bugs in general… That night & the days following have been full of PA saying “A BUG! A BUG!” Every speck of dirt every piece of string on the floor is a bug. In fact, Sat. night she woke up in the middle of the night screaming “An Ant! Ant is on me! Get it off!” It has been rather unnerving hearing her scream every couple of minutes. I am beginning to think she is hallucinating because she says they are under her skin. I am not sure if she will be able to get over this to able to ride on a regular basis. I am going to do my best to try to get her to be able to tolerate bugs so she can ride.

This is PA & her 16yr old sister Shann..


5 responses to “Some interesting things I learned about my daughter this weekend.

  1. Awesome photos!!

    I wonder if there is anywhere near you that does therapeutic riding. H did that for a couple of years. We really saw some benefits in terms of sensory issues and it also addressed some OT domains…

    Also… it would be interesting to know what it is about the bugs that bothers PA. The movement, the sound, unpredictability or fear of being bitten or stung… or maybe she thinks they are dirty??? or??? If you are able to figure that out it might help you support her in feeling more comfortable.

    • I have no idea why bugs freak her out, but she sees them everywhere they are not. She is waking up at night screaming “ANT in my bed!”…. There are no ants…She knows they won’t hurt her & she has never been stung. Bitten well not sure. Anything I thought was a bite has gone away after a couple minutes. I am not sure why she is so freaked out…

      My friend has an autistic daughter who helps teach special needs kids to ride. They are getting a small saddle for PA. So I guess it is theraputic riding. I hope it will help her balance and core muscle strength. I hope she will get over her bug issue..

  2. I have twin boys on the spectrum & a little girl who isn’t. She’s more terrified of flies than her brothers have ever been. She will bawl if one lands on her. I showed her how to scare a fly away & since then she’s handled them much better. Maybe if you show her how to “boss” the fly away so she feels like she has more control over them? That way she knows if she tells it to go away & she flaps her hand at it, it will fly away right then.

    I’m glad that she loved the horses though. @LaurieMit on twitter has a granddaughter on the spectrum who does therapy riding. You should ask her about it. 🙂

  3. My grdtr does therapeutic riding. The volunteers are trained to work with many different special needs children. They do various activities while on the horses such as sorting, naming, tossing into a target etc. She loves the horses. There are a few flies but nothing else much that we have noticed. The center advertises as a therapeutic riding center and it is free for special needs kids. I hope there is a way to help PA get past her fear of the bugs. It sounds like it would be a wonderful experience for her.

  4. Horses are my daughter’s favorite!! They are such calm and beautiful animals. I am tryiing to find a therapeutic riding place near us.
    So glad PA loved being around them!! My DD HATES any kind of bug, gnat, fly, spider… she also freaks out!