Two Eggs, Water & Lemon Juice

Last week PA was in the kitchen and found a brownie mix & decided she needed to make it. At this point, I did not know what she was doing. She kept repeatedly saying “I need two eggs, water & lemon juice.” She was doing well with the echoing. I tried for half an hour trying to figure out why she was telling me this. After just asking her what she was doing did not work, I asked to show me what she wanted.

She brought me the brownie mix box her dad & sister bought a few days prior. I was curious as to how she knew what she needed to make them. I told her to point to the part on the box where it told her how to make them

She pointed to the pictures & said, “See mama two eggs, water & lemon juice”. First thought was WOW she is good! I thought it was funny that she thought the oil was lemon juice, but she read the pictures. To me this was huge. She has never done anything like that. Look at something & figure out where or what are the instructions without ever being shown.

Then again, this same kid can reprogram my cell phone & bypass the security settings on her dad’s iPad. She is a smart kid. She just cannot articulate herself to make us understand what she wants or how she is feeling. As frustrating as it is for us in understanding her, I have to remember how it must be for her trying to communicate with us.


2 responses to “Two Eggs, Water & Lemon Juice

  1. Awesome!!! That’s how Racer is too, he’s hard to understand sometimes and gets frustrated.

  2. That is so cool!! I’m surprised she even knew what lemon juice was! lol (You can tell I don’t bake much!) Such a cutie pie; God bless her!