Follow-up at Doctors Office (more realizations)

I went to the doctor today for a follow up visit to being in the hospital 2 weeks ago. He told me he did not like that my blood pressure has been so low, yet my pulse rate was still high. So he changed the dose on one of my medications (no big deal really). I also had with me two forms for him to fill out & sign. My hubby has been after me for months to get a handicap placard. I knew my doctor would sign the paperwork, but I was sure he would give me a temporary placard but not a permanent one. That surprised me a little. That makes me eligible for a handicap license plate as well. I am not sure why this surprised me so much, maybe because I have never thought of myself as really being truly disabled. I never thought that I would have to resort to these things until much later in my illness. I also never thought I would still have this cancer or have the physical limitations I have.

I also had paperwork so we could get a discount on our home air conditioning. SMUD (the company that provides our electric) has a program that gives a discount to people who have medical conditions that require extra electricity. In my case, I need to keep the house cooler during warmer months. When I get to warm I start losing cognitive function as well as my ability to move around. There are days where I am so bad when I leave the house and I do not have walls to lean on; I have to use a cane to keep my balance. This is part due to the secondary Parkinson’s (a movement disorder) in combination with the Carcinoid syndrome.

I am grateful I have these things available to me. Just one more step in accepting & coming to terms with my limitations and accepting help. Both of which I do not do well. As I said in a previous post, I have always been the caretaker & helping everyone around me. This is very humbling to me, so please be patient with me as I muddle my way through. Some of my posts will seem somewhat strange to some, but my way of coping & making sense is writing…

OH Lucky You!! 😀


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  1. I don’t know what I can say except that I will sincerely pray for you and your health. In the meantime, use your blog as much as you want to get things out! Hang in there!