A Shattered Mess

OK, so hubby is camping with the boy scouts this weekend. That leaves me single parenting for 3 days. Normally not a huge deal, being I have been doing a bit better health wise (I was not in danger of being admitted to hospital this week). Till late this morning it was going smoothly. Until my 16yr old, old brought her plate she used for lunch into the kitchen. She went to set it on the counter and dropped it.

This really is not a big deal & should not have been very noteworthy however, it did. See the dinner plate (a Corelle shatter resistant plate) did not just break it SHATTERED into a bazillion pieces all over my floor.

I was on the far side of the kitchen when this happened and had to wait for my daughter to bring me shoes. I also had to try to keep PA from coming into the kitchen. Simply telling her to stay out or that it would hurt her feet if she came into the kitchen was not enough. She does not understand. We had an incident recently where we went through a similar situation (yes she dropped another plate) where I had to keep physically keep PA out of the kitchen until it was cleaned up. She is so curious and has to watch everything and with some things no fear and that scares me. We talked to her at length about glass on the ground & she even had gotten a piece of glass in her foot last time. We talked about how dangerous it was to walk on glass with bare feet. Was as if she had NO CLUE what I was trying to tell her and she did not understand. She did not remember and was upset she could not go into the kitchen.

I had to have my 16yr old take care of PA and watch her to be sure she did not go into where I was working, while I tackled the cleanup. As I looked around to assess what needed to be done, I soon realized this was not your normal clean up. I saw shards on countertops, in the sink, on the stove and in drawers.

I was amazed at how far & wide the shards flew. There were even shards in the cupcake batter. She was making cupcakes for a swim party later in the afternoon. Lucky for her she had already baked ½ of it so she had 1 dozen to take and we dumped the rest.
I swept twice, vacuumed the counters, stove and edges of the room. Then I took a broom vacuum to the room in every direction I could. I have to say short of scrubbing the whole kitchen I was thorough. It took me the better part of the afternoon to do this.
No permanent damage done & no one got hurt. We just had a little excitement for my otherwise dull life. Yes, I know not such a dull life but I had to say it **laughing**


2 responses to “A Shattered Mess

  1. I”d send the shards to Corelle and let them know their dinnerware was not “shatterproof.” You were sending it because they might like to know. Bet you would have gotten a replacement plate or a certificate for a new set.

  2. Glad nobody got hurt. Cleaning up glass shards and slivers is just the worst.