Doses of Reality

I have for the most part blogged about my 6 year old & now 19 year old daughters and lots of other stuff, but I have not addressed my cancer much. When I started this blog my intent was only to address my daughter’s issues, but then it soon became more. I always have problems with addressing my issues, because I have never considered myself very sick. Call it stubbornness, sticking my head in the sand, ignoring it whatever you want. It’s a hard thing to do.

My husband & I have always given what we can to others. My husband has a gift with computers and can rebuild a computer with almost nothing. He was a computer geek before it was cool. For years, we would gather parts; he would build computers for people who could not afford them. We donated computers to schools. My friends know they can call me anytime day or night with problems and I will do what I can to find help for them.  We have done these things & continue to do things for others because we enjoy doing them.

Up until recently when my cancer started to progress we have done well in taking care of ourselves. We never really had credit (so we do not owe anyone). Never been well off or even middle class either we struggle. Both my husband & I are disabled. We have not had to rely on anyone for help either.

Writing this post is very difficult for me to do.  I never intended to put a donate button on my blog,  All I wanted to do was to give hope to those dealing with special needs kids just by my experience as limited as it has been. I wanted to tell our story with dealing with autism, ADHD, SPD & various other issues.

I only ask if you do decide to donate only to do so if it will not take from your own family or your own needs.. I know with having this type of cancer I  have some major expenses that will require extensive travel my insurance will not cover that. If I do not ask for help, I will not get the treatments plain and simple. This is the only reason I ask & any money donated goes directly to medical expenses & travel to get there.
Thank you….


2 responses to “Doses of Reality

  1. I know how you are feeling right about now. I grew up in a Catholic home and it was drilled into me that you help others; you never ask for help for yourself. Then I had Patrick and we could not afford the $15,000 program we had to take him to in Massachusetts which was his best hope at getting help back in 1997. I swallowed my pride and asked for help. I never expected what would happen next. In exactly 6 months, we raised enough for the program. One person led to another person which led to a church which led to a fundraiser which led to someone offering to match what the kids fundraised (and it was not even MY church). The Texas Catholic Herald did a story on Patrick (full page) and what we were doing. That led to anonymous people sending checks to my church for us. It was an amazing experience. And so I would most gladly donate towards this wonderful cause because you matter and I care.

  2. I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. You are a strong woman, and a wonderful mom.