Update on my hobby (I’m such a wirdo)

I am sure you have noticed I have not been posting as much recently. Well truth is I have had a hard time putting words to paper without sounding as if I am whining about my health. Alternatively, how frustrated I have been with PA’s regression. We are in process of getting her re-evaluated in hopes she we can get her the help she needs. Therefore, I decided to post an update on one of my more recent hobbies (no whining I promise LOL).

I made several trips shopping this month & have proven to my hubby that sending him out to get me many newspapers pays off. In two trips alone to Wal-Mart, I was able to buy $213.49 worth of products (in retail), but only paid $54.34 total split between the two trips. I only took pictures of one of my trips in that trip I spent $28.00 but got $123.37 in products.

All of what I bought we will use in the coming months. I do not believe in buying stuff we do not use even if I can get it is free, unless I am able to donate it. I also do not buy lots of processed food and give many coupons for stuff we will not use to friends. I also do not believe in wasting coupons.

Just because I am a weirdo (and I am proud of my accomplishment), I am going to list everything I got in my two big trips.

6 Shick Hydro 3 razors (I would have gotten 9 but they did not have enough)                                                                                                         48.00

4 Pro-Glide Razors                                                                                   13.74

3 Soft Scrub Total Bath Cleaners                                                       10.41

3 Soft Scrub Bath & Bowl                                                                        11.61

4 bottles of Mens Nivea Active 3 Body Wash                               15.80

9 bottles of Dial Body Wash                                                                  35.73

4 Colgate 360 Actifresh Sonic Power toothbrushes                  22.00

4 Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action toothbrushes                          14.96

4 Oral B Pulsar (bat.) toothbrushes                                                    23.98

4 Crest 3D White Vivid Radiant toothpaste                                     12.68

10 cans of Chicken of the Sea Solid White Albacore Tuna        14.50

                                                                                            Total Retail          213.49

                                                                                                                 Paid      54.34

                                                                                               Savings of           159.15

Now just for the record my hubby still will not shop with me LOL, but that is OK I have a good friend who goes with me. It also serves to get me out of the house, and I even accidently left my Blackberry at home one night (TeeHee).


4 responses to “Update on my hobby (I’m such a wirdo)

  1. I love this post. Getting out of the house and saving so much money on things that you actually use – how awesome is that?! I’m really impressed! Btw, you can whine to me ANYTIME, that’s what friends are for. 🙂

    • You re so sweet…..Thank you….BTW I love saving money LOL.. I am getting to buy better quality items for less than I would buying cheep..LOL..The little things we sacrifice that make life a little bit nicer.

  2. I so admire your ability to do this! I am the exact opposite. I am terrible at saving money but very talented at spending it! I hope you keep posting about it because I want to learn from you. Maybe if I see you having so much fun with it, I can pick up some ideas and try it for myself! 🙂

    • Say the word and I will teach you. It’s really not that hard. It can take alot of time though. I do have an idea for a service for people who want to save the money but don’t have the time.