New/Old Hobbies

The reason I am starting up new/old hobbies is to have something to do. My hubby went back to school a while back. The time PA is in school is when he needs to study. I get bored easy and I am not good at entertaining myself. I can only so much housework I have to be careful not to overdo things because of health conditions. I use to be a very active person. I use to go to the gym, hike, run & I did Tae Kwon Do.  Trading an active lifestyle for what I have now has been really hard for me. Problem is most hobbies cost money and so I have to keep it on the cheap.

I have two new/old hobbies I have gone back to recently. The first one is couponing. I have always tried to use coupons, so I guess it kind of an old hobby. I have wanted to get into it since my hubby became disabled years ago.  I have a friend helping me with it right now.

I am still learning the ropes, but having fun doing it. However, it does have drawbacks like making my husband crazy. I make him go out and get several papers at the dollars store for me, because I cannot drive. In addition, it takes several hours a week to keep organized, which is not a big deal because I use the time he is studying to do it. He likes the savings but it makes him nervous at the checkout counter. The other evening, we went to Target and I had my coupons and my list. The problem was I did not read the ad for pull-ups right. It was not a big deal really the clerk took the ad out and we figured it out. Problem solved. No one was mad and there was no one behind us. He just does not like it if we have to do more than have the clerk scan the items & pay. He told me tonight to leave him home next time. Now I have to find a friend to shop with because I do not drive. Maybe I can just leave him in the car.

Next is photography. Actually, it has been a love of mine since I got my first camera at 8yrs old. It was a Kodak 110 camera with my initials on it. I remember going through film like crazy & my parents saying they would not buy me anymore. I had a few other cameras over the years, but was not until I was in High School & I saved up one summer to get the CHINON CP7-M. I was very proud of this camera and I inherited a bunch of lenses from my dad (from his old Pentax). I was on yearbook staff and took the classes. It was stolen a couple years out of high school, and I never replaced it (regret not replacing it).

 I got a nice camera at a work Christmas party before I became disabled. It still works well, but it is slow & does not do close up well. Which until PA came along was fine, but she is so fast and is hard to get good photos without taking a ton of pictures. The camera I like to use right now is my new Blackberry.  It actually takes some awesome photos. I would love to replace my Chinon CP7-M. Maybe someday I will be able to.


3 responses to “New/Old Hobbies

  1. Sounds fun! I’d love to get into couponing once M is in school.

  2. I know you can save a ton of money doing it and actually end up paying like $5 for bags of groceries but I’ve never been that talented!

    I used to love taking photos too but now I’m lucky to get some snapshots with my phone and be happy with that! Color ink is so expensive for printers and mine never works right!! Ugh! I hope you enjoy both these hobbies and let us know how it goes! I’d love to hear an update. (My favorite hobby is reading – never enough time!)

  3. I hope we get to see pictures on your blog – I love pics. The ones you took of the roses in your garden were so awesome. 🙂