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Apple Jacks Cake

Now before you go YUCK… There is a good story **laughing** really there is 🙂

It all started this morning when I was trying to get PA to eat something before the school bus came.  I went through the normal things cereal, white cheese rollup and mashed potatoes (because of the SPD, she will not eat normal breakfast food). I ended up just giving her a Pedia Sure drink because she was not cooperating.  When I went to give the drink to her, she told me she wanted to make an Apple Jacks cake. We did not have time right then and I had no idea how we would do it, being she wanted to use the cereal to do it. I told her maybe after school.  I thought she would forget, but I should know my daughter better than that.

She came home, I was in the kitchen making dinner & the first thing out of her mouth was “We make Apple Jack cake now?”  She did not say Hi mom… She wanted to know if we could make the cake right then.  After I finished making dinner & she had her bath we made her cake.

This was an experiment because I could not find a recipe using Apple Jacks (the breakfast cereal), but after tasting them, they were good and PA is happy so it does not matter. Now she wants to take them to school to share with her friends.

Here are the pictures: This one before they went into the oven. No I did not let her put them in..

What they looked like after they came out…

I could not believe it she ate them! She usually will only lick iceing off & put the soggy cupcake in my hand to get rid of for her.


Wordless Wed. Out of my garden

P.E.C.S(Picture Exchange Communication System) book for PA

A few weeks ago, I went to a Make & Take night (where parents can go and get help making items to help their kids) at PA’s school. I chose to make cards to put into a PECS book (Picture Exchange Communication System) for her.

When it comes to food and meal times, we have much difficulty getting PA to eat. Several things come into play here. Her speech difficulties and getting her to use her words, but then understanding what she said is hard. Add to that her sensory issues it just equals to much frustration for her and for the rest of us in the family. Her teacher at school said they use the Picture Exchange Communication System to help the kids decide what they want for snack and PA does very well. I thought about that and then this opportunity came up so I had to do it.

These books are used for communication when a child is unable to tell you what they want. I am using the one I made for PA two ways. First in the way it was intended, because some days we just cannot understand her. So I have the typical pictures in the back for everyday things (tired, potty, brush hair, brush teeth etc.). In the front of the book I have all the foods she will eat or has eaten in the past. At this time, there are just 12 food items in the book. The past few weeks she is maybe eating five of the items. In the next few weeks, I will be getting more of the 2×2 cards done for the book.

I was chatting with PA’s teacher to get ideas for how I would put it together. They use overpriced heavy-duty binders. Apparently, they cost upwards of $50.00. I could have used a regular binder from the dollar store but I wanted something I could take with me. I looked for a week and just was not finding what I wanted. One night my husband needed to go to Office Depot for something so I tagged along. I started wandering the isles for anything I could use for the PECS book. I saw some business card holder books (4×8) and after thumbing through one of them, I decided maybe this would work. I did not want to spend a fortune and happen to find one on sale for 5 dollars. Even though it was not what I was looking for, I could not pass this up and had to try it.

I was lucky in that the school gave me all the Velcro I needed to hold the cards in the book. I took some pictures of it after I got it all put together. I know these books cost a lot of money. I was blessed to have this opportunity and got to thinking there has to be a less expensive more stylish way to do this. This is why I am sharing. It does not have to cost a lot of money.