Realizations of My Poor Time Management

I woke up this morning and yes had a smile on my face. PA was going to school & Shann had Star Testing at the district office today. Therefore, I knew I would have a few hours alone to write.  I got up, did some housework, showered (usually I wait until after PA goes to school) threw a load in the laundry and picked up the living room. I did this all before PA got on the bus. Shann got PA ready for school today & got her breakfast. Half a chicken nugget and four Cheetos which is more than she eats most mornings (PA has never been a fan of food the, whole SPD comes into play here).  My hubby & older daughter went for their walk and I put PA on the bus.

When I sat down to write this and I thought to myself; why could not most mornings go like this this morning did. I am thinking I may need to rethink my own morning routine. I need to delegate more & use my “resources” (mainly older daughter & hubby).  Being moms of special needs children, we talk about the need for our kids to be on schedules. In addition, how much better they function because of the schedules. I need to think about this for myself. How much better could my days go if I had my own schedule? I know most moms do have their own schedules and maybe I am just a little late in realizing this for myself. I have thought about this and not sure why I never just made my own schedule.

Therefore, this post did start out as me being excited about school being back in, but ending up being a realization that I need to time manage better.  I never realized how much stress I actually impose on myself when I do not think things through and have to be the one who is in control all the time.  WOW am I am control freak **laughing**

I am happy to have my couple of hours to myself, but more excited about the possibilities for maybe having my days go a bit more smooth. All because I can learn to delegate things and manage my time a bit better. I know it will not be perfect every morning and there will always be snags, but maybe if I put myself on a schedule like I do for PA. I know I will be able to get more done during the day and just maybe, my stress levels will go down.


3 responses to “Realizations of My Poor Time Management

  1. Isn’t it funny how writing a post can help us realize things we otherwise would not think about? I love that you have thought of this for yourself! I wish I could time manage myself better. I feel like my son’s schedule is my schedule and I have no time for anything else besides work. Lol! My schedule is set by everyone else’s schedule – including deadlines at work.

    Hope all is well! I have not had a lot of time to jump into Twitter lately. Hubs is going to trial next Monday and I will be running the ship until he is out 😦 Miss talking to you!

    • Hope all goes well with trial and with you running everything.. **fingers crossed** for a smooth week. I really am lucky to have the help I have and really should take my own advice 🙂 You are supper woman & I have no idea how you do it. I miss chatting with you as well. I’ll still be here when things settle down.

  2. Danica I am delighted for you!

    One of life’s little ironies seems to be that when we control time things are generally smoother, happier, and more productive. When time controls us it seems as if we are always jumping thru someone else’s hoops, our productivity tanks and our stress level goes off the charts.