Baking, Favorite things and Family

One of my favorite things if to do is bake. I was spoiled as a kid and there always was good homemade food around.  I also came from a very large blended family. My dad divorced my biological mom when I was 12 shortly after we returned from Germany.  He didn’t take much time before he found who I now call mom. My new mom came with 6 kids (YES 6 kids LOL) 5 boys and 1 girl. Added to my dad’s 4 girls well that makes 10 of us. Obviously my mom didn’t work; she stayed home to take care of all of us.

Things were tight but we always had food on the table. We lived in a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. However all of us kids had to share the one bathroom as the other one was strictly off limits. The girls room had two bunk beds and a mattress that pulled out from under, also was a closet (very small I might add) and two cupboards (or pantry closets) for clothes. All 5 of us girls shared this small bedroom. The boys had the bigger of the two bedrooms and they had also 2 bunk beds, but one of the bunk beds was a triple bunk. Yes,I did say a triple bunk bed; it made it so they had more room, they also had a closet and two pantry closets.

Every morning my mom made a hot breakfast, we either had pancakes, waffles, eggs & sausage well you get the picture. You name it we had it at least once a week.  We all sat down for every meal at the table (which actually was a conference table they got at a thrift store). It was very important to my parents that we all sat down to breakfast & dinner as a family. When most of us kids hit high school & got jobs it was whoever was at home at the time. I guess we were a dying breed of family who still ate meals together. I only spent a few years off and on living with my dad and (now mom), a decision I have regretted for a long time.

I always thought it was kind of cool that my grandparents lived right next door. I spent much of my time with my grandmother, I thought she was the greatest &I loved her very much. She was a fabulous cook and seamstress.  At the time I wish I had been more on the ball, Icould have learned so much from her if I had just paid attention. As it turns out even with being brought up in a family where cooking & sewing were so much part of my life, I regret to say I did not pick up on either skill until after I was married. Even now I still don’t sew, however  my oldest daughter seems to have gotten that gene and is learning to sew and design clothes. **laughing**

I do however have some FABULOUS recipes handed down from my grandmother & my dad. Over the past few years I have learned and I actually love to bake. I don’t get a chance to do it as much as I like, but over time I will share some of my favorite recipes with you scattered throughout my blog until I can figure out this Word press thing LOL.

I hope you enjoy them. Some will have some strange names as they are  Swedish recipes and they don’t translate in to english very well.  I think you will be able to over-look the strangeness in the names and maybe try them anyway.


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    Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family and doing fun activities is something that truly makes me happy.

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  2. This is a wonderful post because it tells us so much more about you. That is a lot of people growing up together!! Sounds like it was very organized though cuz it had to be.

    It’s funny how we have opportunities when we are so young to learn these special skills and we just don’t take them! I did the same with my mom. She taught me a few crochet stitches and how to sew but I never really followed up on it though I really wished I had now.

    So glad you’re transferring the recipes over here! Hooray!