My Constant state of Chaos

  Keeping things out of PA’s reach has become increasingly difficult. She is now over 40 inches tall and quite resourceful. If she decides she wants something like most kids she will try to get it. Unlike most kids she lacks the reasoning as to why it might not be such a great idea. She also lacks the fear factor. For instance she doesn’t understand HOT until she has touched something and realized it was hot, but then she won’t remember and she will do it all over again.

I follow her around all day to make sure she is not doing something to hurt herself. I also making sure everything stay intact. I cannot keep flowers in vases, potted plants or anything that can be dumped. This kid LOVES to dump things. Like I have mentioned before, she is always surprised at the result of dumping something like she is expecting a different result. She just doesn’t remember. Then she will get upset when she has made a mess. Heaven forbid she gets anything on her as a result of something she did. At that point all bets are off and we will have a meltdown

For a kid who loves to play in her food you would think she liked to get messy. Well this is not the case. She loves to make the mess yet cannot stand to have the mess on her. She will request in the middle of dinner to get cleaned up. I try to have her just finish her food before I will clean her up, in hopes that she will just eat. However once she has deemed herself “messy” then that is all she will focus on until she is cleaned up. Then of course she is done with eating all together.

It would be nice if she were this picky about every mess, though this is not the case. She has to be in a constant state of chaos. We can clean up the living room all day long, but within minutes there will be the very same mess. In her mind there has to be certain things in predetermined spots in the room at any given time. There has to be about 20 items placed strategically around the room. Of course to anyone just visiting it just seems to be a mess, but it actually is not. Usually it is limited to the 20 items in about the same spots, the actual items change but the locations don’t really. The placement is pretty close to the same all the time. If I want to enjoy a clean room, it has to be after she is in bed and by morning I know it will all return to the same place, and same channel. Stay tuned as there is more to come….


3 responses to “My Constant state of Chaos

  1. I know how this is. Actually, I finally sat down to read this after making my own son help me clean up his mess – monopoly game, dinosaurs, cars, trucks all put away. He will do it because even though he makes the mess – he does not like to try and walk around in it – sound familiar?

    Like PA – my son will spill some food on himself and get upset. He says, “Clean! Clean!” and starts to melt unless you hand him a wipee or napkin. Then what? He tosses it on the ground and goes to the next thing… So, know exactly how you feel.

    • Some days it can be so frustrating I just have to laugh… Nice to know so many share the same frustrations and understand.
      Thank you for your support and help you give me.

  2. Hi, found you from solodialogue.

    I feel your pain…