Three Day Painting Project?


I have been meaning to write an entry all week rather than just posting recipes. However this week has been incredibly busy. My 15 year old finally was able to keep her room clean long enough for us to want to go in and paint (the agreement was 3 months; she had to keep her room clean). So my hubby and I for the past two days, in between appointments and such are painting her room.

Yes I know two days to paint a bedroom **laughing** well add in an autistic 3 ½ year old to the mix and well everything takes longer than it needs to be. Also the fact that my hubby is in school and well we really have only spent equivalent of one afternoon in there and we are only half done.

Well two and half walls are done. We have to empty the room, lay everything down then paint for a while. We can’t just leave everything out, because we have to make sure everything is picked up and things are back to normal so my little one doesn’t get distressed over it all.

This morning for instance, she noticed her sister’s garbage can was in the living room. So she picked it up and carried it around the living room till I let her put it back where it went in sissy’s room. She then sees the extra paint cans next to her paint can. She became very concerned that #1 they were there at all and #2 that her paint can would disappear when we were done. I spent better part of the next 15 min trying to explain that her paint can would still be there (I will explain the whole paint can another day).

I was hoping we would be able to distract our little one occupied long enough to paint this weekend, but that did not work out very well. I also wanted to finish this blog entry 2 days ago. Well best laid plans huh??

I am learning patience, which is something I have never been good at. I have always been the type of person to get things done accurate and fast. Mostly because if it takes too long I lose interest. Having a special needs child teaches us patience and that not everything gets done in the time frame you wanted and in some cases not at all. Which tends to drive me crazy.

At any rate I am hoping the girls’ rooms/painting project will be done this week while they are at school. Then I can get back to my projects.


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