Ninja skills and Raisin Bran

  I have mentioned my daughter and her ninja skills in a previous blog post. I think I will give you an idea of what I am talking about. A few weeks ago, my husband was making dinner. I was putting some things away in the kitchen and PA we thought was in her bedroom watching a movie. My older daughter had been getting ready for an activity and went in to check on PA. She called out to me to “Come see what your youngest has done”. Never a good thing when it is put into those words.

It was as bad as it sounded. Although in the grand sceam of things it could have been much worse. I walked in to find the last 3 inches of a box of Raisin Bran dumped on the recliner in her room. Not just dumped but now just crumbs ground into the recliner and floor. At this point I just take a deep breath then look to my PA for her reaction to me finding her mess.

PA was sitting on her bed with a huge smile on her face and says to me “I dump cereal momma”. I asked her why she dumped the cereal only to get out of her the same phrase. I asked her is that something she is supposed to do. She says “yes”…I looked at her and said (very sternly) “NO you are not supposed to dump things like that and you need to sit on your bed.” She looked at me like she honestly had no idea why I was so upset. She promptly got up and went to sit on her bed with the same bewildered look on her face.

I always ask her if whatever she has done was a good idea or the right thing to do. Even though I know full well that she still has issues with knowing when to use yes or no. I think she understands the meanings just not when or how to use them all the time. This makes it difficult to truly know whether or not she understands something.

My thoughts went back to how did she get the box of cereal out of the kitchen without me noticing? Both my husband and I were standing in the same kitchen. Also knowing the kitchen is not tiny, but also would notice her walking past me with a box of cereal…or so I thought. I walked out to get the vacuum cleaner. My husband asked me what was going on… I told him and he wasn’t surprised she did it, just surprised as I was at how she did that without us knowing.

It seems to me like I ask myself these questions a lot. I know it is the way of the child and you have to always have an eye on them, but at some point you are supposed to be able to have them occupied with an activity so you can do something useful like move the laundry or pick up a room in the house. Not needing to worry if the fridge will be emptied or finding a whole box of tissues torn to bits. Even worse having this happen to me on more than one occasion, locked in the garage with the laundry. Lucky there has always been someone home to open the door for me. I do prop the door open with a paint can now and keep one eye on the door while I change the laundry. Knowing she can close the door and lock it so quietly I wouldn’t realize it till it was too late.

Now back to the Raisin Bran situation… I got it cleaned up with no real lasting damage. PA still doesn’t seem to understand when we get after her for something. Not even sure like I said before, if she understands what she did was wrong. Think we will be working on that for a while.


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