Adventures at Target without the leash

  Ok most will find that an odd title, but those with autistic quiet as ninja runners know exactly what that means. My sweet PA loves to go to Target (well so does her mom *smiling*), but rarely do I attempt this by myself. We truthfully I wasn’t alone, but I decided to take her with me so my husband could look at toys and I would not have to worry about PA wanting something. I wanted to go look at cloths for PA & she loves to look at clothes, so I thought why not.

Started out fine….She stayed close and was easy to control. However when we passed in her words “ballerina dress” (a pink swim suit with a pink tutu) she liked, all bets were off. I didn’t have a very hard time getting her to hang it back on the rack, so I thought I dodged a meltdown. I did dodge the meltdown, but that’s where she started to show her “ninja skills” I was talking about. See she really knew she is supposed to stay with me, but when she sees something *shinny** as we say.. She cannot help herself.

I turned around to look at something not even for 3 seconds turned back and she was gone.. Of course first thought is to call out for her, but with PA wouldn’t make any difference. See she is verbal, but will not answer unless she is looking at you and wants to acknowledge you.. So I thought real fast and remembered the “ballerina dress”. I made a b-line and sure enough she was standing there with the bathing suit dancing around.. It was a happy ending and I really didn’t have to go far to find her. Of course she got a talking to and had to sit in the basket for the remainder of the shopping trip, but reinforced to me the need of the leash when we go shopping.

As far as her ninja skills go. Yes, she is truly that quiet not only when she is trying to escape. She is also has ninja skills when destroying a room. You never know until you walk in the room. Even though you have been in the next room for 2 minutes, but I will revisit her ninja skills in a later post..


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